About Pranic Gardens

Welcome to our Pranic Gardens in lovely Carlsbad, CA. We are situated 30 miles north of San Diego and 80 miles south of Los Angeles just 6 blocks from the beach and 2.5 blocks from the freshwater lagoon. Just a short walking distance from 8 different hotels and motels and downtown Carlsbad. Carlsbad is a small beach community with a very charming low profile that has changed very little since the 50's. The City of Carlsbad's intent is to keep this area like a village. That's why we are also known by many as the "Village by the Sea".
Our Pranic Gardens sit in the middle of old Carlsbad on roughly an acre of land and have been our family home for 43 years. We share our garden with the birds, bees, butterflies, 5 cats and all of nature. We have several garden rooms and meditation spots. There is a great open fire pit with seating for discussions and drumming and the like. Our almost 100 year old majestic California pepper tree graces this area as well. We have many areas for conducting workshops and seminars. Four huge old shade trees and almost always a light breeze from the ocean flowing through make the temperature comfortable for all.
Our collection of wind chimes continue to enhance and please all who enter this sacred space. With over 100 trees on our property, 200 potted flowers, bird feeders galore and various table settings our Pranic Garden is always a joy to behold. Flowers, vegetables and trees grow abundantly using only compost and no pesticides. Upon entering and staying in our Pranic Gardens you too will feel the Sacred Energy that resides here and enhances all life forms. We feel pleased that the divas garden spirits and all elementals rejoice in co-creating with us. Please feel free to stop by or email us with any questions you may have.
It is our desire to share this magical place for meetings, workshops and seminars for like minded groups. Our Pranic Garden is quiet and serene at all hours of the day and night to assure your meetings have a deep impact by being closer to mother nature and all within her splendid realm. This garden first came into existence 15 years ago. With the planning, caring and labor of one man and woman has thrived into a lovely beautiful spiritual place. No other hands but these have toiled in the soil, layed the brick pathways and nurtured this unusual garden with the joy and zest as partners of Mother Earth. A small bungelow with a bathroom and small kitchen for the needs of all.
We were honored this year to have our Garden mentioned in
the City of Carlsbad Events Calendar.
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