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Miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature, but only to that which is known to us in nature.
     St. Augustine

In ancient Sanskrit Prana describes the living field of energy that surrounds and permeates all life.

Today physicists know that matter is not made of particles but of vibrational emanations produced by what would "look like" electromagnetic strings.

We live in an electromagnetic universe where rivers and winds are simply other forms of electromagnetic currents between an infinite number of probabilities.

It is our intent to document relationships between Earth's electromagnetic fields and currents and the human auric field as well as chakral behaviours.

May our work help to minimize the physical, emotional, and spiritual pain of the people of the world and contribute to restoring and maintaining the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of humankind.

May our work together generate the tools that will initiate you to higher spiritual teachings.

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